Hello! This is the first one Yay!

Hello peoples of the Gardening Lovers Club! This is Alex from Tomerong Nursery  who is typing about this wondafool place!

So in my year of working at the place you see the nursery from many aspects, 1 of which I’ll share today  –

The enjoyment aspect – This aspect is when the buyer gets what they want as soon as they see it, such a beautiful flora or some fruit creating plant trees. Either way the joy on their their face is humbling.

Sorry, this humble pie will come shortly, after its finished baking




Now I know this is short, but hopefully this website of our is going to grow, with the help of you, gardening experts or gift shopper or prank dude for 1st of April.

So, although an ending so short, just remember, that humble pie is humble (and appetizing), that plants are for planting, and blog posts or for, I dunno, telling.

Alex, signing off! (Or typing off)




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